Solutions4 Electric Sailboat Conversions is the company that will make your seasoned sailboat into an Electric, regenerating , pleasure. We offer systems from 48V to 144V DC all with technologies that are proven, systems that make us both look good, and solutions for any budget.  We can power from a 22 foot to a 60 foot catamaran.

True Off-Grid pleasures!  These inverters will allow you to go fully electric with appliances, hot water, hair dryers and of coarse bring your CHI!

Available in 48V, 72V, and 144V DC electric Propulsion Systems.

Dimensions inverters accept input voltage ranging from 125 to 175 VDC and provide 120 or 240 volts AC quasi-sine wave output.

The Dimensions 3500D provides 3.5 kw of power - 29 amps continuous

at 120 VAC and 200 amps AC peak.

Shown: The Dimensions 6000D provides 6 kw of power

50 amps continuous at 120 VAC and 350 amps AC peak.

The Dimensions inverters supplied have options that include:

- T - transfer relays on the dual outputs

  1. -Individually breakered GFIs - one on the 3500D and two on the 6000D

- Fully coated printed circuit boards

  1. -Stainless steel hardware

The goal is conversion: getting the old, end of life diesels, off the waterways. In some situations we install a very efficient DC diesel genset that runs only when batteries need charging, or your motors need to run without the ability to sail. In this website you can discover different systems with the unique philosophy of installation with Solutions4Hybrids.