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Geni Green Electric 38’ Catamaran

Whether you just want to experience green technologies at work, have a weekend with family and friends, learn why electric propulsion has so much value to your investment or just try to prove us wrong...lol! Yes it’s all here a fully equipped training and demonstration platform.  We live what we say, we show you the ins and outs of the

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We are giving full demonstration

of our products while

you live-aboard a

GeniGreen Electric Project

The Kennex 380 a 38’ Catamaran is available to charter for a two day one night period to help you determine if retrofitting your Monohull or Catamaran is for you.  We also will enjoy all the comforts and good eating you would expect. 

Expect to see the best of nature with quite propulsion, and the house comforts you expect.

Take your older sailboat and retrofit it to a modern electric sailboats. 

A 6 Days 5 Night voyage includes morning, evening meals, some snacks.

BYOB but only when we are enjoying sunsets and at dock or on the hook.

It is amazing how much of an adventure you will have all through the Florida Keys. Our cruising plans include cities, and primitive mangroves, scuba diving, snorkeling, and of coarse regeneration sailing. $1,950 buys 5 Nights with three double staterooms or 3 Night weekend is $1,250 inclusive with a filet grilled meal on the hook either steak or fish.  But all because we make electricity, and enjoy the simple pleasures of sailing.

You must see and ride the benefits of an electric sailboat to know the pleasure that awaits.  It might be the lack of diesel odor that will first impress you (especially on more seasoned boats), it might be the lack of engine oil checking, the lack of engine warmup, or the quiet peaceful leaving the dock without yelling.

But for the seasoned sailor the regeneration, as we trim our sails, make for silence or if we choose power sailing.

The history of electric sailing is being written now.  It has many people in garages, factories, and in many countries trying to get on the radar for your choice in electric propulsion. 

We have the history you want to consider. The first install on Ukama, a 47 foot Lagoon, is running still today. After twelve years of testing and using as a testbed for new improvements, the retrofit catamaran is now still sailing in the Florida Keys.  

It’s all about the experience and if you choose to consider being “part of history” join us today, charter a simple, “close to home” catamaran. 

See our video testimonies, listen to owners, and the people who have been enjoying the systems for over 9 years.  Bruce Wilson, owner of one of the first 410 Lagoon systems, has a good story to tell-watch them all then come ride with us into history!

Charter Today! GeniGreen Electric 38

Traveling the Florida Coastline Including the The Florida Keys

GeniGreen Electric 38’ Catamaran 
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