Solutions4 Electric Sailboat Conversions is the company that will make your seasoned sailboat into an Electric, regenerating , pleasure. We offer systems from 48V to 144V DC all with technologies that are proven, systems that make us both look good, and solutions for any budget.  We can power from a 22 foot to a 60 foot catamaran.

You must see and ride the benefits of an electric sailboat to know the pleasure that awaits.  It might be the lack of diesel odor that will first impress you (especially on more seasoned boats), it might be the lack of engine oil checking, the lack of engine warmup, or the quiet peaceful leaving the dock without yelling.

But for the seasoned sailor the regeneration, as we trim our sails, make for silence or if we choose power sailing.

The history of electric sailing is being written now.  It has many people in garages, factories, and in many countries trying to get on the radar for your choice in electric propulsion. 

We have the history you want to consider. The first install on Ukama, a 47 foot Lagoon, is running still today. After twelve years of testing and using as a testbed for new improvements, the retrofit catamaran is now still sailing in the Florida Keys.  

It’s all about the experience and if you choose to consider being “part of history” join us today, charter a simple, “close to home” catamaran. 

See our video testimonies, listen to owners, and the people who have been enjoying the systems for over 9 years.  Bruce Wilson, owner of one of the first 410 Lagoon systems, has a good story to tell-watch them all then come ride with us into history!

Our system includes brains, yes with electric propulsion you have a power-plant on board.  Regeneration is the key that requires energy management.  With higher voltages like the 144VDC and  with the involvement of Lithium and other newer battery technologies the system that you decide will provide energy and torque for propulsion.  Additionally our monitoring systems will make sure that the systems on board work together with safety in mind.

We are the most expansive system in our category of pleasure boat electric propulsion.  Expect the best from the team to assure that the investment, into this system, yields what you expected.  PLan with your designers, builders and our engineers to build the system that will provide the off-grid power-plant with our Multi-Management modules. Then when you leave the dock you can be assured it will be a pleasure.

The goal is conversion: getting the old, end of life diesels, off the waterways. In some situations we install a very efficient DC diesel genset that runs only when batteries need charging, or your motors need to run without the ability to sail. In this website you can discover different systems with the unique philosophy of installation with Solutions4Hybrids.