Solutions4 Electric Sailboat Conversions is the company that will make your seasoned sailboat into an Electric, regenerating , pleasure. We offer systems from 48V to 144V DC all with technologies that are proven, systems that make us both look good, and solutions for any budget.  We can power from a 22 foot to a 60 foot catamaran.

Generators are used everywhere to supply power to homes, boats, hospitals, businesses, and out of the way places.  Most of them produce AC 110 or 240 Volts or Grid power. A DC Genset is designed to recharge battery packs, and run DC electric motors. Both use diesel fuel but some are very energy efficient and use little fuel to produce high current.  This system is unique because it uses DC generators to fast charge batteries at a high amperage with using very little fuel. Additionally it can be used as a diesel electric, under full power, propulsion system for no wind or beading into the wind situations.

Besides automatic start and stop, the controller provides

  1. A trickle charge safety test for shorted batteries

  2. A bulk charge rapid charge capability

  3. An equalizer charge for battery conditioning for longer life.

  4. A float charge for battery maintenance while accessories are operated

  5. Charge shutdown on sensing battery over-temperature

  6. Remote battery voltage sensing.

The alternator width in cross section (left) varies in three increments for increasing output ranges up to 32 kw.

Like our propulsion motors, the rotor consists of a ring of neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnets.

The alternator stator is held in place by a yoke that fastens to the engine bell housing. The alternator rotor is attached to the flywheel.

The goal is conversion: getting the old, end of life diesels, off the waterways. In some situations we install a very efficient DC diesel genset that runs only when batteries need charging, or your motors need to run without the ability to sail. In this website you can discover different systems with the unique philosophy of installation with Solutions4Hybrids.