Solutions4 Electric Sailboat Conversions is the company that will make your seasoned sailboat into an Electric, regenerating , pleasure. We offer systems from 48V to 144V DC all with technologies that are proven, systems that make us both look good, and solutions for any budget.  We can power from a 22 foot to a 60 foot catamaran.

The ARCTIC WAVE 144V AC was  designed for use in conjunction with a 144v electric propulsion system. You can purchase this system from us in 12-144V DC range and up to 20,500 BTU’s. Individual controls allow each guest to adjust the AC in each cabin to suit the needs.

The goal is conversion: getting the old, end of life diesels, off the waterways. In some situations we install a very efficient DC diesel genset that runs only when batteries need charging, or your motors need to run without the ability to sail. In this website you can discover different systems with the unique philosophy of installation with Solutions4Hybrids.